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  • Weekly Worship via Live Stream
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 15 Jul 2020
    Weekly Worship via Live Stream

    Emmanuel Lutheran Fellowship has been proactive in ensuring all our members are connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have implemented several measures so that members can still participate in weekly worship, meetings and Small Groups.

    Weekly Worship

    A couple of our members, Dave, Pete, and Gordo assisted Pastor Chris in setting up a dedicated YouTube channel where people can easily watch our worship services every Sunday morning.

    This has included constructing an elaborate audio and video setup with lots of cameras, microphones and other various technological devices.

    Church Council is also considering purchasing more specialised equipment to boost the quality of our recording.

    Pastor Chris is excited that people from all over Australia and the world are able to link in to our weekly worship.

    Our members are also very grateful that online worship is available to them.

    “Thanks again for a great service. Always good to make that connection on Sunday when we can. God bless.” JH

    “Thank you so much once again for allowing us to enjoy hearing Gods words to us on this Palm Sunday. You are doing a great job under difficult and challenging times.” SP

    “Thanks so much to everybody who helped to put the service together this morning. We really appreciate all the effort everyone went to so that we can continue to worship together as a congregation.” MH

    Meetings and Small Groups

    To allow Church Council and Pastoral Care Team to continue to meet on a monthly basis, Council has approved the purchase of a Zoom licence.

    This has ensured that the administrative, financial and pastoral needs of our faith community are still being met.

    Small Groups are also meeting via Zoom, allow members to continue to experience community and fellowship through these challenging times.