Confirmation classes are offered to young people from the age of 11. The basics of Lutheran doctrine are taught over a period of one year. At the end of the year of instruction, confirmation students profess their faith publicly, and become communicant members of the church.

E100 Bible Reading Challenge 

The E100 Bible Reading Challenge is a collection of 100 essential Bible readings (50 Old Testament, 50 New Testament). The readings cover the big story of God, and reveal many insights and challenges, even to those who are Biblically savvy. Emmanuel took up and completed the E100 Bible Reading Challenge as a congregation in 2011, and were truly enriched by it. Information and materials are available if you would like to know more.

One in the Gospel

One in the Gospel by Friedemann Hebart is an excellent resource dealing with the details of our Lutheran faith, based on the Formula of Concord. This book has helped many readers understand - sometimes for the first time in their life - what the gospel, the central message of the Christian faith, really is. A number of our Care Groups here at Emmanuel are studying this material at the moment. 

Bible Reading Plans

In our busy lives it is often a challenge to make time for meaningful moments with God. Bible reading plans can help us to focus our reading and keep us on track. 

Other training

As Christians we are always learning more about God, spirituality, the Bible and theology. From time to time, courses are offered at Emmanuel that will give us greater insights and increase our knowledge: courses on the basic doctrines of the Lutheran church; workshops on mission; or other educational opportunities are offered. These courses will be advertised well in advance.