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Our Vision


Transforming lives by sharing God's love and acceptance every day.

We love to welcome and connect with newcomers! If you would like to know more about what we do to fulfil our Vision, keep exploring our website. If you’re interested in membership, contact us.



Worship services at Emmanuel are informal and contemporary. Our variety of bands means that we are able to utilise classic worship songs with new expressions of worship. Through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, worship services at Emmanuel are planned around a theme, and often make use of other elements such as dramas, videos, activities within the service, etc. to convey the Gospel message.
Sundays 9am
You’re welcome to join with us as we gather together in worship. Emmanuel worships every Sunday morning at 9am at the Concordia College Chapel (map). 
Children’s Ministry
During worship (except during School Holidays ) we hold Children’s Ministry for kids ages 4-12. To see what they are up to, check out  the children's ministry page..

Emmanuel's Family Worship

We love to include children in our worship by having a children's message during our services..

There are a range of family-focused activities during our services which include:
  • plays, puppets and games during the children's message
  • children and teens involved in all parts of the service
  • colouring in and activity sheets
  • children's corner for families with young children
“Enlighten” - Ephesians 1:18
I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you……


Guiding Principles


1st Guiding Principle: Grace

We live in the grace of God, taking hold of opportunities to extend this into our community.

2nd Guiding Principle: Faith

We are disciples of Christ, people growing in faith that is grounded in scripture.

3rd Guiding Principle: Mission and Outreach

We desire for all people to know the love of God and put their faith in him. We take seriously our call to make disciples and to love our neighbour.

4th Guiding Principle: Community and Fellowship

We pursue genuine relationships with one another.

5th Guiding Principle: Love and Acceptance

We believe that God accepts everyone. As disciples we seek to extend God's love and forgiveness to all.

While everyone at Emmanuel is important and called into the work of the church, we have leaders among us who help us to achieve our key objectives. To make contact with any of our team below, please contact the church office. Contact us 

Our Team


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Nathan Glover

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Church Council Chairperson:

Lois Sanders

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Pastoral Care Team Chair:

Peter Rudolph

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Admin Officer/Child Safety Coordinator:

Alexia Elson


Lutheran Church of Australia

Emmanuel is a member of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). The Lutheran Church is the largest Protestant church in the world, with over 70 million members. The LCA website tells the story of Australian and New Zealand Lutherans, following Jesus Christ – where love comes to life. Whoever you are, whatever your story, you're welcome here with us.

Lutherans have a strong sacramental focus, which we use to enhance our worship and provide the means of grace to the world. Through the water and the word in Baptism, and the bread and wine, and the word in Holy Communion, the church shares in the promises of Jesus that we will be a part of the salvation that he has achieved for us, and the work that he is doing in the world. The church facilitates worship and relationship between us and God.
To worship God means to honour him in everything we are, say and do.

Worship also describes what happens when people gather together in congregations. In this worship, which is open to everyone, we meet Christ and receive his gifts of forgiveness, hope and life. Public worship is all about God serving us; God coming to us in a way that we can hear, see and taste.

God speaks through the reading of the Scriptures, the word of God. God also listens as we pray for the church, the world and each other. God feeds his gathered people, through a holy meal of bread and wine, the body and blood of Jesus. God leaves his presence with his people by blessing them and sending them on their way to be salt and light in the world (Matt 5:13-16).

The framework of worship dates back to the earliest Christians. Lutherans share this heritage of worship with other Christians as a symbol of unity with them through baptism. Lutherans love singing hymns and songs as a way of praising God and encouraging one another. Through these songs we proclaim God’s word and his goodness with our own lips.

Lutherans believe that worship isn’t so much about what we do, but about what God does for us.


Policy Documents

At Emmanuel, we strive to live upright lives, as God has called us to. As you surf our website, engage with our ministries, or join with us in worship, any information that is collected will be used in an upright and honest manner. We will not sell or give your information to any third party and will keep anything that you share with us confidential. It’s our desire that your experience with us is uplifting and beneficial. Please view our full privacy policy for more information.

The LCA's policies and procedures give us practical guidance to help us to care for and protect God's people and to encourage the good use of his gifts to us. The LCA's policies and procedures reflect the LCA’s core values and help us to reflect God's love to each other and to all who come into contact with us. Please view the LCA Policy documents for more information.